1. Appetizers

    Mozzarella Tasting Board 14

    Bufala mozzarella, fior di latte mozzarella, tomato basil EV olive oil

    Charcuterie Board- Antipasto 16 (for two guests)

    Eggplant caponata, pickled condiments, bruschetta,

    Prosciutto, salumi, artisan cheeses, olives, roasted bell peppers

    Grilled Octopus Salad 15

    Mediterranean octopus, potatoes, EV olive oil –lemon dressing

    Frittura Di Calamari 14

    Fried calamari in a specially prepared batter

    Lumache- Escargot 13

    Garlic-butter, brandi, mushroom sauce

    Citrus Marinated White Anchovies 12

    Roasted bell peppers, pickled condiments



    Minestrone Di Verdure 8

    Mixed vegetable soup, legume & barley 

    Lobster Bisque 10

    With diced lobster



    Caesar *8

    Traditional Caesar salad, anchovy vinaigrette, croutons, served in a parmigiano basket

    Arugula, Pear & Walnut 9

    Arugula, pears, gorgonzola, glazed walnuts, EV olive oil-lemon dressing

    Heirloom & Campari Tomato Salad 9

    Oregano vinaigrette, Kalamata olives, shaved onion, crumbled goat cheese

    Tomaso’s Salad 9

    Radicchio, spring mix, hearts of palm, shaved fennel, baby frisee,

    Campari tomatoes, oregano vinaigrette